SMS Chat

AcceSMS two-way text messaging solution gives your business the ability to receive and send text messages in a simple and efficient way to interact with your customers and employees. AcceSMS technology can also allocate the incoming text messages between multiple sub-accounts, allowing you to receive a large amount of messages and handle them with ease.

Using SMS Chat provides you with the advantage of working with the instantaneity of SMS technology from the comfort of your workstation. AcceSMS can also provide you with powerful complementary features such as :

  • The ability to send and receive pictures (MMS)
  • Automated responses such as welcoming messages
  • Creating and using message models

SMS Broadcasting

Our SMS Broadcasting service gives you the ability to send a text message to a large amount of mobile phones simultaneously, so unlike voicemail, the valuable information you send is instantly received. SMS Broadcasting is a time and cost efficient way to reach your base, eliminating time consuming tasks such as telemarketing while giving recipients the ability to respond to your informational text messages and engage with your business within the SMS Chat.

As an affordable way to send short alerts, our SMS Broadcasting service can be used to :

  • Inform your customers of a major breakdown or delay
  • Ask your employees to replace a co-worker
  • Tell your customers that an appointment has been freed
  • Inform your targeted audience of latest news regarding your organization

Appointment Reminders

Automated SMS and voice reminders help you reduce no-shows and remind your clients of their appointments. Our Appointment Reminder solution improves customer interaction and satisfaction by providing them with the opportunity to receive a reminder and answer it at their convenience. It also gives you the ability to send as many reminders as your clients require without the high cost of tasking an employee to do the same by telephone.

By using our Automated SMS or Voice Reminders solutions you are provided with all our interface's features as well as a convenient and full-featured calendar including message customization, recurring reminders and appointment status icons.

Customized Services

Your business has specific needs that appear not to be met by our featured services? AcceSMS has the expertise to develop the features and services that you need. We are able to provide you with customized services with the same quality and flexibility standards that you expect from us.

Whether you need a web, mobile or native solution, we are able to meet your requirements with guaranteed satisfaction.


One interface, infinite possibilities!

Through AcceSMS Interface, you can use all our solutions and features through a conventional web browser; no additional software is required, so you also enjoy automatic system updates.
Our user friendly web plaform features complementary tools including :

  • Customer management
  • Chat logs which can be exported
  • Usage statistics
  • Account and sub-accounts management


Here at AcceSMS, we think flexibility should be a main concern in any communication solution. We provide a web platform with a variety of features and customization options ensuring you the ability to adjust settings to suit your preferences and take full advantage of the technology we offer.

This flexibility is also available in the wording of each message you send. In fact, you can customize all communications with time-saving automated responses and message templates.


Management and privacy settings

Our management tab gives you the ability to create and manage customized sub-accounts with scalable authorization. You are able to manage the privacy of your enterprise SMS communications and easily allocate responsibilities among your employees. As well, our management tab provides you with valuable usage statistical information.

About us

The Company

Founded in 2013 in Quebec City, AcceSMS began providing a powerful SMS communication platform now called SMS Chat. Since then, AcceSMS quickly distinguished itself with its smart dispatching technology, awesome flexibility and strong expertise in SMS communication solutions. Within a few months, AcceSMS brought to the market new technologies that help businesses solve and greatly improve communication challenges at an affordable cost.

The Founders

Multitasking enthusiasts, AcceSMS' founders are skilled programmers, entrepreneurs and students. They understand the value of time and reliability, and so rely on the latest technological advancements to provide the most reliable, intuitive and optimized solutions.

Our Mission

At AcceSMS, our goal is to provide business and non-profit organizations with user-friendly and affordable SMS communication solutions which can be relied on and instantly available.

We believe that public and private service accessibility involves personalized and intuitive communication. Therefore, we provide technology that ensures easy and personal communication.



In 2014, AcceSMS was recognized by winning the Business Creation award in the "Services to Compagnies" category at the 16e annual Québec Entrepreneurship Contest.

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